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As a computer science student, I wanted to pick controversy topics relevant to my major because these are topics that I would be passionate about and have opinions on.

My first idea for a research topic is to investigate the changing nature of conversation. Ten years ago, if a group of friends were having a conversation, and a question arose, there would be a debate between them. Nowadays, we have the entire knowledge of humanity in our pocket, which seems to have killed idealogical debates.

Another idea for a research topic is to question whether the internet is an addictive medium. As of 2014, internet addiction is a real psychological illness. But is it necessarily bad for you? Paul Miller, a writer for journalist company The Verge, went one year without the internet from May 1st, 2012 to May 1, 2013. In short term, he ended up losing weight without trying; he wrote more out of boredom; and he lost modern day need of constant notifications. But, after the year had ended, he reflected on it, and he realized that life is actually much better with the internet and that internet addiction is the best kind of addiction there is: an addiction to knowledge and information.

Those are the two research controversies that I am interested in exploring.